The SCIREA project coordinator Ourania Tzoraki (Ass Professor University of the Aegean) and the refugee scientist Abas HAIDARI, Neda BABAEI, Maryam SHEYSTEFAR, scholars of SCIREA project presents the findings of their work at the closing ceremony of the conference:
1st International Conference "Health Crisis Management - Health for Migrants", School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Lesvos 16-20 October.


Ourania explained about the design and implementation of a series of tailor made seminars for migrants, the content of the SCIREA e-book in three languages (English, Farsi, Arabic) and the outcomes of the research for the migrants social inclusion through the education.
Additionally, three (3) SCIREA refugee scholars presented in the conference the preliminary results of their research studies.
The titles of their presentations are:

  1. Maryam Sheystefar (Refugee Researcher)
    Title: Unaccompanied Women Migrants: Mental and Physical Situation
  2. Neda Babaei (Refugee Researcher)
    Title: What are the refugees looking for in Europe beyond  a safe place to live? A motivation measurement in Lesvos camps
  3. Abas Haidari (Refugee Researcher)
    Title: Electric and Electronic waste recycling market. The case study of Greece

1st International Conference "Health Crisis Management - Health for Migrants", is held in Iliotropio hotel and at the University of the Aegean premises on the island of Lesvos, on October 16-20 2019.