Description. Fondazione Leone Moressa (FLM) is a research institute based in Venice (Italy) and dedicated to the study of the economics of immigration. It has been created in 2002 by the initiative of the Artisans and Small Businesses Association of Mestre (CGIA) with the purpose of conducting analyses and studies on the presence of foreign people at local, regional and national level.

Research areas. FLM has acquired specific qualifications in the main topics related to the economics of immigration, such as: LABOR MARKET (Qualifications, Jobs, Wages, Incomes, Social mobility, Skill assessment); DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS (in and out flows, residence permits, nationalities, territorial distribution, migratory and natural net); ECONOMIC AND FISCAL OUTCOME (Incomes, Taxes, Entrepreneurship, Contribution to GDP, Costs and Benefits, Welfare, Remittances); ASYLUM SEEKERS AND REFUGEES (Arrivals, Asylum requests, Reception centers, Management costs).

Projects / Publications. The main research product of FLM is the yearly report on economics of migration, published since 2011 by Il Mulino editor. This report is patronized by relevant institutions such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Migration Organization, Italia Network on Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue. Key aspects of the report are released to the main national media such as Il Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica or national TV broadcasts.

In the last years FLM has been involved in several European projects concerning different topics such as: integration of Roma minorities and labor inclusion; analysis of school abandon trends and implementation of possible intervention; analysis of refugees labor inclusion across the EU.




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